RIC, Roman Imperial Coins, is a detailed reference organizing roman coins by mint and mintmark. The purpose of this site is to list those coins from my www.romam.ae site that do not appear within the RIC volumes VI and VII.
  Volume VI is the premiere reference for cataloguing the coinage of the Roman Empire. This present volume covers a short period of years, from A.D. 294 to 313. There were 16 mints in use at the time, and they could coin simultaneously in the names of up to four or more emperors. Volume VII focuses on the stabilizing of currency by Constantine and Licinius after the complete failure of Diocletian's Price Edict. Constantine established the gold solidus and Licinius maintained the old Diocletianic aureus, but both currencies were more true to the standard than the tetrarchic predecessors. In addition, to the explanation of the monetary system, the two imperial houses, the imperial vota, and Constantine and Christianity are detailed.
Ric VI